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    WHEN THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS ISN’T AT THE TOP OF THE TICKET   When both nominees stink so bad, what’s a reasonable voter to do? A WAY TO VOTE FOR PRESIDENT SO YOU CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT Stealing the nomination and the party   By Alan Z. Forman   So what does […]

  A VOICE of BALTIMORE FILM REVIEW Journalist/author Bjarne Rostaing reviews a recent film with political implications starring the venerable Helen Mirren, one of a select group of performers to achieve the so-called ‘Triple Crown of Acting’    A BRITISH THRILLER A AND DYSTOPIAN MENTAL CHASE   A sexy bitch on wheels   By Bjarne […]

    A Voice of Baltimore Feature, an excerpt from       First-time novelist Margo Christie’s        second work — Memory Motel —                 a novel in progress       set in mid-20th Century Charm City                                By Margo Christie   I stayed in New York that Easter weekend after all, though not in the loft above my aunt’s club […]

  A VOICE of BALTIMORE POLITICAL COMMENTARY   A GOOD MAN WITH GOOD INTENTIONS A WHO MAY HAVE DONE GREAT HARM   An ‘originalist’ & clever writer who larded his work with misleading contemporary references that falsely suggested he was in touch with profound cultural changes A GRESHAM’S LAW OF POLITICS   By Bjarne Rostaing […]

  THE FORMER CONGRESSWOMAN AND CHIEF CHEERLEADER OF THE PORT OF BALTIMORE DIED SATURDAY AT AGE 92 The son of a bitch who caused it!   Feisty to the end, and checking out on her own terms, former Baltimore Sun reporter and Maritime Editor Helen Delich Bentley died Saturday at her home in Lutherville, where […]

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