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  A VOICE of BALTIMORE POLITICAL COMMENTARY   A GOOD MAN WITH GOOD INTENTIONS A WHO MAY HAVE DONE GREAT HARM   An ‘originalist’ & clever writer who larded his work with misleading contemporary references that falsely suggested he was in touch with profound cultural changes A GRESHAM’S LAW OF POLITICS   By Bjarne Rostaing […]

  THE FORMER CONGRESSWOMAN AND CHIEF CHEERLEADER OF THE PORT OF BALTIMORE DIED SATURDAY AT AGE 92 The son of a bitch who caused it!   Feisty to the end, and checking out on her own terms, former Baltimore Sun reporter and Maritime Editor Helen Delich Bentley died Saturday at her home in Lutherville, where […]

        A RARE SIGN THAT THE PARTY IS NOT QUITE DEAD… YET If ever new blood & change were urgently needed, the time is now DEMOCRATS INERT & INBRED   By Bjarne Rostaing   It was startling to see Rep. Tulsi Gabbard nominating The Bern at the Democratic Convention last week. Many […]

    WHAT THE PHILOSOPHER/POET AND THE WHISTLEBLOWER HAVE IN COMMON   Posting as ‘TheTrueHOOHA’   By Bjarne Rostaing Edward Snowden and Henry David Thoreau have little in common other than WASPdom. Snowden is from a respectable middle class family, many of whose members worked for the government, and he happens to have a gift […]

      WHAT THE TRUMP & SANDERS FOLKS HAVE IN COMMON:  RAW ENERGY The Donald knows a good deal from a screwing FOLLOWING THE MONEY; HILLARY ABOVE THE LAW   By Bjarne Rostaing   Where did Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump come from? Their populist armies exploded from nowhere and made them national figures […]

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