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Voice of Baltimore welcomes responsible commentary and encourages readers to weigh in anytime. Simply scroll down to the bottom of any story to the box entitled “Add your Comment” and do the following:

1) Enter any “Name” — This is REQUIRED and may be a username or pseudonym, or your real name should you so desire to acknowledge it.

2) “Email” and “Website” windows are optional and need NOT be filled in unless you wish to do so. (Email addresses will NOT be published; VoB has no interest in revealing the identity of anyone who wishes to remain anonymous.)

3) Compose your Comment.  (May be any length.)

4) Type the 4-digit CAPTCHA Code as it appears.  This is REQUIRED to differentiate human beings from computers in order to prevent spam.  CAPTCHAs are NOT case-sensitive.

5) Click “Submit Comment”

[If you get an error message, please refer to NOTE below.]
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Guidelines for Commenting
     ***VoB Policy on Censorship***

Voice of Baltimore does NOT censor reader Comments no matter how insensitive or objectionable they may appear, other than to bleep obscene or indecent language and personal threats.  We do however ask that you be courteous and respectful, not threaten anyone, and if you must use a four-letter word, that you self-bleep it before posting.

Unlike most other websites we do NOT preview commentary prior to posting — which is immediate — nor do we ever delete any Comments.  That said, if we should someday find it necessary to modify a threatening word or phrase, we will so indicate the action taken and our reason for doing so.

And thanks for posting.  We hope that you will do so often.


Please NOTE:  At least one of George Carlin’s “Seven Words That Can’t Be Said on Television” may automatically cause our system to prevent your Comment from posting and give you an error message stating, “Site administration has been notified and will approve your comment after review.”

If this happens, simply change the spelling of the word to “f**k” and re-post.

However if you get this or some other error message for any other reason — stating that your Comment is being referred to an Administrator for approval — this is an error!  As stated above, we do NOT pre-screen Comments.  Therefore please notify us immediately — by email at — and enclose your username and Comment and we will post it uncensored as is.

Thank you.

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