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  1. thesglife

    I’m looking forward to the E-book! It sounds like a very interesting read.

  2. SX5

    I remember the Turk Scott killing years ago. I have done many “Black October” internet searches and the best I could find was a Charles Dutton interview in which he stated “Heroin dealing stopped for 6 months after Scott’s killing”. Somewhere in my memory is the slogan, “Down the Pusher”

  3. bmack


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  6. My3sons

    Ironically, I was just telling a friend about this organization today and wondering what happened to them. Did Internet search and FINALLY found this site.

    Rumors were that they were Vietnam Vets home from the war to battle drug dealers. I remember “No Hope in Dope” and “Death to Dealers” spray painted on buildings around Druid Hill Park. I cannot wait to read this. I wonder if any of them exist today. We could use them now, not just in Baltimore….

  7. Editor, VoB

    Thanks, everybody, VoB always appreciates your input.

    The mini-eBook (published by Baltimore True Crime, in association with Voice of Baltimore) is available on for $2.99:  click here to purchase.

    Also check out “Why Do We Kill?” — click here — by the same co-author (WBFF-Fox45-TV Investigative News Producer Stephen Janis) and publishers (Baltimore True Crime, Voice of Baltimore), edited by Voice of Baltimore.


    Steve Tabeling a great man with a great story of his own life. From the means in which he came to where he and his family is today. A true success story.

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  10. Buddydean

    Did Steve Tabeling arrest Sherman Dobson ??? Or did three veteran Homicide Detectives arrest Sherman, Wabash Avenue ?? Which is correct ? What happened during the interrogation of Dobson? Was he ready to confess to being Black October and responsible for Turk Scott’s death ???

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