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        LESSONS TO BE LEARNED FROM CARTER/REAGAN IN THE ELECTION OF 1980 Can the 2020 polls be trusted? THE “WRONG” CANDIDATE, POISONOUS VITRIOL… AND THE DEVIL THAT WE KNOW   By Alan Z. Forman   Jimmy Carter lost the Presidential Election of 1980 by a landslide largely because of what he correctly […]

VOTE!!! — It’s a momentous election

Monday November 5th 2018 @ 6:00 PM

  MIDTERM BALLOTING WILL DETERMINE WHICH PARTY CONTROLS CONGRESS AND WHAT HAPPENS TO DONALD TRUMP   Whichever side you’re on, the Election of 2018 looms likely to be the most momentous of the New Millennium to date and possibly the most consequential of the last half-century and beyond. But if either side tomorrow wins big, […]

TOPLESS GOSPEL CHOIR — An eBook about murder in Baltimore

Wednesday October 17th 2018 @ 11:30 PM

  THE CITY’S NOT NAMED, BUT IT’S OBVIOUS; THE VICTIM’S A STATE PAROLE OFFICIAL; THE SUSPECTS ARE BEYOND NUMBER Written by Hal Riedl, an ex-Dept. of Corrections case management specialist and book reviewer for The Sunday Sun, it’s available from Amazon for $2.99  Click here to purchase on Kindle   When the wife of the […]

  HOMEGROWN NOVELIST TO DISCUSS HIS LATEST PUBLICATION JUNE 17 AT THE IVY BOOKSHOP Stephen Foreman grew up here and was locally educated, a graduate of City College and Morgan State University   What follows is a brief synopsis of the novel, available at The Ivy Bookshop and on (Click  here  and here.)  Excerpts […]

    BY VIRTUALLY EVERY ESTIMATE, NONE OF THE THREE RECOUNTS CAN OVERTURN TRUMP’S VICTORY   In Pennsylvania, Stein shifts from state to federal courts TRICKY DICK AS STATESMAN Bubba and the Oval Office BJ   By Alan Z. Forman In the aftermath of the 1960 presidential election, when voting irregularities in Illinois and Texas […]

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