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  A VOICE of BALTIMORE BOOK REVIEW Journalist/author Bjarne Rostaing reviews two books by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Joby Warrick exclusively for VoB 2 REMARKABLE, REVEALING BOOKS FOCUSING ON THE BEGINNING OF THE ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS/ISIL) BY A REMARKABLE WRITER By Bjarne Rostaing Do we really want to know what happened in Iraq and the Middle […]

        COULD THE DNC’S FORMER NO. 2 EMERGE AS CANDIDATE SANDERS’ FEMALE VP RUNNING MATE? Hawaiian Representative’s gutsy trajectory MANY WOMEN DON’T LIKE CLINTON   By Bjarne Rostaing   A while ago I suggested in Voice of Baltimore that while Elizabeth Warren’s conspicuous absence was critical to Bernie Sanders’ primary election loss […]

        CREATURE DOUBLE-FEATURES AND TALES FROM THE CRYPT SET STAGE FOR 2016 DEBATES Nuclear fear of 1950s/’60s spawned movie madness featuring monsters, ghouls and aliens from outer space ALSO FILM AND TV CHARACTERS WITH MANNERISMS REMINISCENT OF TODAY’S TOP OFFICE SEEKERS POD PEOPLE IN POTUS PROFILE?   By David Maril and Alan […]

SANDERS/AIPAC — Bernie no kissa da ring

Saturday March 26th 2016 @ 8:30 PM

        VERMONT SENATOR LAYS EASTER EGG, IGNORES AIPAC   A resident of Hymietown   By Bjarne Rostaing   Presidential aspirants got a wonderful opportunity to kiss the AIPAC ring at their 2016 Policy Conference last week, and did so expertly. It’s not as easy as it might seem, and groveling may be […]

  A Voice of Baltimore Feature, an excerpt from      ROOBY TAWR, a novel in progress      set in mid-20th Century Charm City                                By J.R. Foreman   Zebadee Fullwood took a bullet in the lung on Biddle Street during the 1968 riots and died on the way to Union Memorial Hospital. He could have survived. The […]

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